In a world that often seems consumed by greed and selfishness, one young man’s act of kindness and compassion has provided a powerful dose of inspiration. Twenty-three year old Dylan Reese was on his way to work at a fast food restaurant in Wichita, Kansas one cold winter morning when his car ran out of gas on the highway. As he stood on the shoulder contemplating his next move, a rusty old pickup truck pulled over in front of him.

Out stepped Robert, an elderly man in his 70s, who motioned for Dylan to get in the truck while he refilled Dylan’s gas tank from a portable can he had in the back. When Dylan tried to pay him, Robert waved it off saying “Son, I was just trying to help a fellow human being out. No need for money to be involved.” Dylan thanked him profusely and continued on his way to work.

Later that day on his lunch break, Dylan went onto social media to share what Robert had done for him, a small good deed that had made his day so much better. To Dylan’s surprise, his post relating this selfless act went viral and thousands of people were inspired by Robert’s simple kindness. Many shared their own stories of times when strangers had helped them out of difficult situations, restoring their faith in humanity.

But the feels didn’t stop there. When local TV news reporters caught wind of the story, they tracked down Robert and aired a segment about his good deed. Viewers were so moved that over $18,000 was raised through an online fundraising campaign to help repair Robert’s aging truck and provide some financial support for this kind-hearted elderly man who enjoyed helping others.

What started as one small gesture to assist a stranded stranger snowballed into a heartwarming phenomenon that uplifted countless people. Robert remained humble throughout, saying “I was just doing what I’d want someone else to do for me if I were in that situation.” His selfless spirit served as a bright light during an often cynical time, reminding everyone of the profound impact even our smallest good deeds can have.Copy